Pipeline Analytics: "not" and "contains" filters
If you've ever wanted to filter out one or two groups of candidates instead of select a bunch of filters to
, Pipeline Analytics now supports "is not" and "contains" for many different filters.
Gem Dashboards
For Gem customers who have Pipeline Analytics and use Greenhouse as their ATS, Dashboards is now enabled for you!
Read more in this help center article, and head to https://www.gem.com/dashboards to create a new dashboard and start playing around with it.
Dashboards for Gem customers using SmartRecruiters and Workday is coming soon.
Event Registration Forms
Creating a form on top of any project you own now supports image uploads, so you can add your company logo or other visual flair to these forms.
Read more about creating intake/lead-gen forms that automatically write to Gem Projects here.
Gem AI: Predict "interested" replies
You may notice that for any email replies to your sequences, the reply status is already set to "Interested." This is because we've launched Gem AI to predict when candidates are interested based on the content of their email reply.
Rest assured that you can always override this prediction, and that the predictions will only automatically apply "Interested" statuses, and not "Not Interested" or "Follow Up Later" so you'll still need to manually set those reply statuses as you see fit.
We have not backfilled reply statuses for any teams yet but hope to get to that in the near future.
Talent Pipeline: Reject candidates and view rejected candidates
From Talent Pipeline, you can now reject candidates directly from each candidate card (which immediately are reflected in Greenhouse as well), and view all rejected candidates in each stage.
To reject candidates, click the arrow in the upper right of any candidate card --> Reject Application:
To view rejected candidates, in the Active Jobs view, hover over the name of the job in each job section, and check the box to "Show rejected candidates."
In the Consolidated view, check the box in the upper right of the screen to show all rejected candidates.
Gem Status Page
We're giving greater visibility for all our customers by adding a new status page so everyone can see whether Gem is down.
Check it out at: https://status.gem.com/
Duplicate Any Saved Report
There are many analytics power users among us, and for those who rely on saved reports in Outreach Stats or Pipeline Analytics, you can now duplicate any report -- use that as a starting point, make further modifications, and save it as a another separate report.
When looking at a saved report in Pipeline Analytics, you'll see the option to clone it under the "Reports" dropdown at the top:
Calendly Integration: Booking time automatically marks as "Interested"
For those of you who've been using our Calendly integration, you'll be happy to know that if a candidate books time on your Calendly, we'll automatically mark them as "Interested" even if they never respond to your sequence.
Team Admins Can Configure SSO
If you're a team admin and you need to configure your team's SAML settings for single sign-on (SSO), you can now do so from the Team Admin page in Gem instead of contacting us.
Talent Pipeline: View Analytics on Each Job
In Talent Pipeline, look at the top of any job to view some lightweight stats on how that search is going. You can see at a glance:
  • How long the job req has been open
  • How many active candidates are in the pipeline
  • How many total candidates have ever been in the pipeline
If you don't have access to Pipeline Analytics, you won't see the link to "Open in Analytics" and view more robust stats beyond what you see in this summary view, but you can always contact your CSM, email us at support@gem.com, or chat us in Gem to learn more about getting access to Pipeline Analytics.
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